Soulmanのウラナミ『Pot Luck part 1 – a little bit from each makes a bigger whole』


Soulman:"Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn." --Benjamin Franklin


Howzit Howzit…最近、3年ぐらいぶりにハワイに帰ることができたよ。それも、休暇シーズン中に帰れたのなんて、10年以上も前のことだった。ちなみに、ハワイの休暇は、感謝祭(11月の4週目の木曜日)からクリスマス(12月25日)や元日(1月1日)までの期間。普通は、日本でいうお盆や正月のように、家族のみんなが家に戻る期間なんだ。10年以上も休暇のシーズンに帰ってなかったから、僕のサーファーの友達はもちろん年をとっていたよ。






A Hui Hou…Malama pono… (ハワイ語で、また会う日まで元気で。)

Howzit Howzit….Recently was able to go on a trip to return to Hawaii and it was the first time in over 3 years. It was the first time in over 10 years to return during the Holiday season. Holiday season in Hawaii refers to the time between Thanksgiving (the fourt Thursday of November), Christmas (December 25th) and New Years (January 1st). And normally this is a time when family all come back home, similar to Obon and Shogatsu in Japan. So it was the first time in over 10 years that I went back home for the Holidays. All of my core friends were there and of course all were surfers and all old now… In Hawaii whenever there is a party…the custom is for everyone to bring some kind of food and drink. We call it “pot luck”…meaning you don’t know what dish is coming and even if everyone brings enough food for themselves, there is going be more than enough food for everyone to eat. If the party starts at lunch there is always enough to eat dinner too, if the party is at night, normally we take home leftovers…the same amount as what we brought. So a typical party includes people with all kinds of ethnicity…Korean, Chinese, Filipino, American, Hawaiian, Japaese, etc. meaning the menu may be dishes of: Kal Bi, Peking duck, spicy chicken, Adobo, Roast beef, fried chicken kalua pig and cabbage, poke, steamed uhu with lopching, roast pork, manapua (nikuman), and all kinds of starch….rice, fried rice, bake potato, potato salad. Oh man…wanna eat local Hawaii food now…my favorite is Hawaiian…lomi samon, laulau, and poi. Next time you plan a party…do it Pot Luck style, tell your guest to bring a dish of their choice enough for themselves and a little bit more and drink. The real secret to a good result is that everyone will bring more food than is needed. That’s it…you will be amazed and it will be good. This is the first part of two…the next part I will get into what happens at our surfer pot luck….
Anyway…get out of the city and go catch a wave. And most of all don’t forget to support your local surf/ocean sport shop.

A Hui Hou…Malama pono…