Soulmanのウラナミ『The smell of rain(雨の匂い)』


Soulman:"Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn." --Benjamin Franklin



『The smell of rain(雨の匂い)』っていうトピックに戻ると、BBQの最中に、雨が降りそうだと思ったことがあるかな?それは、雨が見えるからではなく、雨の匂いを感じているから。その匂いは、雨の匂いなんだけど、実際に雨が降り始める匂いだと思うんだ。


もう1つは、”ペトリコール”と呼ばれる、雨が降ったときに、地面から上がってくる土のような匂い。”ペトリコール”という言葉は、petr やpetros (石という意味)、ichor(血や神)という2つのギリシャ語から来ている。また、”ペトリコール”には、2つの構成要素がある。
もう1つは、土の中の細菌から名づけられた「actinobacteria(放線菌 )」。これは、ゲオスミンと呼ばれる化学物質から放出される。(大根の土臭い匂いと同じ成分)
付け加えると、ペトリコールは、「actinobacteria(放線菌 )」を他の場所へと追いやる動物を引きつける。また、ペトリコールは、川や湖で、魚が産卵するサインにもなる。

そう、誰かが「雨が降りそうな匂いがしてきた」と言ったら・・・それはたぶん合ってる・・・それでも、外へ出て、波をつかまえに行こう。地元のサーフショップ、マリンスポーツショップのサポートも忘れずに。”A hui hou…Malama Pono!!! (ハワイ語で、また会う日まで元気で!!!)


Howzit…Howzit…fall is here and there still is time to get the last few BBQ sessions before it gets too cold.  We normally try to BBQ when the weather forecast looks good…but still there are times when it unexpectedly rains.  From my experience, when it starts raining it normally doesn’t just pass so having some warning helps to scramble under cover.  In Hawaii, if it starts raining we normally don’t move…we say “da rain is passing…no worry.” Most time the rain passes and it actually feels good to get wet a little because it dries quickly.  Sometimes the rain doesn’t pass and we end up sitting around the BBQ soaking wet…we say “easy…going dry soon”…Island life is good.  But anyway back to the topic…the smell of rain.  Have you ever been at a BBQ and said to yourself, “I think it is going to rain”?  Not because you could see it but because how it smelt.  I thought the smell is the smell of rain but it is actually the smell from the rain.  

Your nose can distinguish a trillion different scents and many are associated to memories and emotions.
Like your grandmothers house, your dog, or rain.  Storm winds carry many different smells but the odor of earth you smell before a storm can be traced to three sources.  Before a thunder storm the smell of ozone probably is detected by your nose.  Ozone is from the greek word ozein (to smell).  High up in the atmosphere lightning split oxygen atoms(O2) and some form ozone (O3), the ozone is blown by wind ahead of the storm, downdrafts push ozone to surface and into your nose.  The next source is from an odor that smells like soil called petrichor that is released from rain.  The word Petrichor are from two greek words petr or petros (stone), ichor (blood of the gods).  There are two components in petrichor.  The first is a scent from decomposed plants that mix with earth minerals.  This chemical also halt roots from growing or seeds from sprouting when there is no water available.  The second component is from bacteria in the soil named, actinobacteria, that release a chemical called geosmin (same compound that gives beets their earthy flavor).  On a side note, Petrichor also attracts animals to oasis that carry the actinobacteria away to other places.  Also, petrichor washed into streams and lakes signal to fish that it is time to spawn.

Now if someone says the can smell rain coming…they probably are correct.  So with that…get out of the city and go catch a wave.  And remember to support your local surf/ocean activity shop….  Until next time…”A hui hou…Malama Pono!!!